Cartoon Cartel
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Project information

The project information and roadmap for the Cartoon Cartel NFT collection.

Basic Project Information

Cartoon Cartel is a collection of 9,999 NFTs built on the Solana blockchain. The base collection consists of 3 factions. The Turned, The Mechs, and The Surf. There are 3,333 NFTs from each faction which are randomly distributed throughout the base collection.
You can buy the base collection on Magic Eden's secondary marketplace.
There are also two other collections built within the Cartoon Cartel universe. The Alien Tech and Fourth Faction which have already minted and are available on Magic Eden for trading. Both of these collections were free mints for holders of Cartoon Cartel NFTs.
Base collection size = 9,999 NFTs Max mint per transaction = 12
Alien Tech collection size = 2,044 NFTs Mint price = 0 $SOL Read more about the Alien Tech here
Fourth Faction collection size = 2,010 NFTs Mint price = 0 $SOL For every 3 Cartoon Cartel NFTs owned, holders were able to mint 1 Fourth Faction Alien NFT for free. Read more about the Fourth Faction here
Please be aware that you may receive direct messages on Discord & replies on Twitter from accounts and people impersonating this project. We will never message you links to mint. We will never message you that you won giveaways. No one from our team will ever send you to a website other than Please be aware that phishing scams are very common on social platforms. These scams have systems set up to completely drain your wallet of all its assets. The only way to be completely sure is to visit the links from this website,
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