We will be creating and releasing six full NFT collections. The NFT trading cards will be one of these collections. Every one NFT you hold from the four factions (surf, mechs, turned, and fourth faction) will earn you a free mint of one NFT from the upcoming collections.
These collections will be used to expand the Cartoon Cartel story and incentivize users to hold Cartoon Cartel NFTs long term. The only way to get any NFTs from these next six collections will be by either holding an NFT from the base collection / fourth faction or buying them from the secondary markets. This will incentivize the community to hold NFTs long term in anticipation of the next airdrop and continuation of the Cartoon Cartel story. These collections will not be rarity synced with the base collection meaning that if you don’t have a rare NFT from the base collection, you can still get rare NFTs from these next collections.
Number of collections: 6 Max Collection Size: 12,043 NFTs Mint price: Free Blockchain: Solana
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